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In Marine’s Death, Clues to a Son’s Life
October 11, 2006, page A1

Gilda Carbonaro pulled her car to a stop inside Arlington National Cemetery, stepping out to visit the freshly dug grave of her only child, Alex.

With her was a broad-shouldered Marine, limping from a leg shattered in battle, who towered a foot over Gilda. The Marine hadn’t known Alex well but held precious clues about the person he had become.

Gilda had many questions. She and her husband had raised Alex in a world different from the military’s — the protected streets of Bethesda. Alex graduated from a Quaker high school, then stunned them by enlisting in the Marine Corps.

Gilda trusted he would serve out his initial five-year commitment, come home and go to college. Instead, he reenlisted, earning a spot in one of the Marines’ elite reconnaissance units, called Recon, which operate deep inside enemy territory. That took Alex on two tours in Iraq, a war Gilda had spent two years trying to end.

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A Final Dinner for Four Friends
Sept. 18, 2008, page A1

For the Wolmans and the Rubins, it was the highlight of the week, a ritual double date that connected them to the rhythms of life outside the Leisure World retirement community.

Every Saturday, they would climb into a gold Buick LaSabre and travel four miles to Rockville’s Baronessa Italian restaurant for the early-bird special.

David Wolman, who at 96 was the only one still driving after dark, would be behind the wheel. Beside him would be Libby Rubin, 92. In the back would be Eunice Wolman and Max Rubin, both 92.

Last Saturday, as they did every week, the foursome headed to Table 23 in the back of the restaurant, near a painting of Venice. Wolman and Rubin helped their wives into their chairs, a difficult feat for Rubin, given his cane and her walker, and one he executed slowly but with determination.

After dinner, returning to the Silver Spring retirement community, Wolman’s Buick veered off Norbeck Road and struck a tree, killing Eunice Wolman and Max Rubin.

The crash left the two survivors, now a widower and a widow, in intensive care.

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In the D.C. area and across the U.S., scams against senior citizens are on the rise
July 7, 2010, page A1

Murders and violent crimes are down around the Washington region and the country, but one kind of crime is rising steadily: scams against the elderly.

Senior citizens are reticent victims who avoid telling family members for fear of going to nursing homes, or don’t even report swindles for fear of having to testify in court.

“There’s just a low chance of getting caught and a high chance of getting into a lot of money,” said Kathleen Quinn, executive director of the National Adult Protective Services Association.

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