The Baltimore Sun

Mapless is clueless in Columbia
December 24, 1995, page A1

June Moon was just trying to find the Kings Contrivance restaurant. But then she entered the Columbia zone: a world of curved streets, hidden buildings and too few landmarks – where at least 100 motorists a day end up lost.

They’re victims of the good intentions of the Howard County planned town’s designers, who 30 years ago considered straight roads passé, valued trees over big signs and created what one scientist calls “a nightmare spatial problem.”

But on this November night, June Moon cared little about science. She and her husband, Vic, were tired of driving in circles. Everything looked the same – tree, tree, tree, house, tree, tree, tree, cul-de-sac, tree, tree, house, tree, tree, cul-de-sac.

The Burtonsville couple finally spotted a gas station, and Mrs. Moon got directions from clerk Jessica Dijak, who says she provides such help more than 50 times per eight-hour shift.

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Forever footloose, famously fancy-free;
Barefoot: A nationally known Columbia keyboarder is sold on being unsoled
September 28, 1996, page B1

He puts on flip-flop sandals before walking into restaurants. He wears black dress shoes to funerals.

But for all intents and purposes, it comes down to this: Glenn Workman – a 38-year-old Columbia musician renowned nationwide for connecting computers to keyboard synthesizers – has not worn shoes in 20 years.

His bare feet take him everywhere – walking through stores, sitting at Camden Yards, standing in delivery rooms, shoveling snow, driving his car, working for the Rolling Stones, grading tests as a volunteer at his daughters’ elementary school.

Workman did not even wear shoes while playing as a guest keyboarder with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.

“You know how you feel so good when you come home and kick off your shoes,” Workman says. “I feel like that all the time.”

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National spotlight shines on Orioles and Baltimore;
Baseball team a major part of city’s charm, self-image
October 14, 1997, page A1
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This old saw has teeth
October 10, 1996, page B1
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